"School house Daycare is a wonderful place. My two year old loves going there. He is part time there and cries to go there on his off days. I feel safe and confident leaving my child with Ms Terry and Mr Anthony. He has also shown more interest in learning his colors and numbers."
Sheila H. - Plainfield , IL.


     "As a mother of an extremely active 4 year old boy I always felt my son was safe and well cared for at Schoolhouse Daycare.  Ms. Terry and Mr. Anthony made sure the children received proper supervision at all times and, while "fun
and silliness" were allowed/encouraged, it was never allowed to get out of hand.  My son learned many  things while attending School house Daycare. The learning occurred in a fun atmosphere so he looked forward to attending everyday!
     Ms. Terry also emphasized nutrition and exercise.  Nice summer days were spent at the park with lots of opportunity to run and play.  Meals and snacks were healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables and
good table manners prevailed. My son's experience at School House Daycare was very positive, so was mine."   
Celia B. - Joliet, IL.

 "My daughter has been enrolled at Schoolhouse Daycare for a little over two years now. Since she's started there she is always coming home with new knowledge she's learned with Ms. Terry and Mr. Anthony. The environment is always very conducive to learning as well as having fun. My daughter always comes home with fun stories from school. Only positive things to say about the in home daycare they have established." 
Amanda M.- Plainfeild, IL.

   "I like that the daycare has a curriculum that is fun and my boys are learning. They do activities and projects that teach them. Ms Terry and Mr Anthony are patient and take there time with the kids.I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for quality child care."
Terneka P.- Joliet, IL.

    "First and foremost I am stress free because my child is in a safe environment. The hours of operation is conductive to my work schedule. The program currently offers a huge amount of programs; however, I would like to have a weekly or daily status report. I would absolutely recommend others seeking quality child care."
Felecia L. - Joliet IL. 


 "I have known Ms. Terry 13 years as a business owner and friend. It’s a pleasure to know  Ms. Terry stands behind her daycare both in quality and services. I have entrusted my own clients to her care when on vacation, and have recommended clientele to her for services. Ms. Terry creative curriculum allows children to experience the world around them. Her program and curriculum meet their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs. She is a hard-working, honest, and courteous, business owner.  Ms. Terry provides full support to her clients, their families, our community & professional friends. She is an excellent collaborator in the day care industry."
 Crystal D. -  Business owner
     My daughter has been a student at School House Daycare for six months now and we're happy with the care she receives there.  What I value most about their services is their hours of operation.  My daughter has also improved in her writing skills and her knowledge of numbers and letters. I'm am very happy & grateful that I found you!  I would recommend your services to others!
Amy H.- Joliet, IL

     My daughter has been at School House Daycare for 3 1/2 months and we like their routine, set schedule, and the consistency in their program.  My daughter now has better focus and comprehends better.  I would recommend others seeking child care.
April H.- Plainfield, IL


    We've received care from School House Daycare for the past 9 years with our 3 boys.  We like that the kids have a structured day, You're organized, always dependable, and affordable:).  We did need more notice to replenish supplies when our kids needed them sometimes, but my children enjoyed your daycare, and how they feel about coming says a lot and they seemed prepared for Kindergarten.  Of course, I would recommend your services!
Jamie P. - Plainfield, IL