Do you get that “Here we go” feeling when it's time to plan your summer program?


You want it to be exciting, but the thought of the planning phase gives you the feeling of overwhelm.


Don't worry...I got you covered.  I used to get that too, until I created this Summer Camp Planning Guide.


I was already busy with keeping up with running my preschool and daycare programs, so the thought of planning for the summer made me anxious.

“Another task to implement made me a little stressed.”  

Sometimes I didn't plan until weeks before the public schools were ending for the school year.  So I missed out on early booking dates for the summer kids shows. That was bad!


I even missed the opportunity for “early bird” enrollments which could really help with summer budgeting.

To top it off, my daycare parents were asking me what my plans were for the summer because they needed to plan early, and some of our clients had already booked with other summer camp programs who had planned months earlier!


Don't let my  experience of poor planning  be your experience! Take action now!


It's time to plan that awesome summer program and create a successful summer camp.

Introducing, the Summer Camp Planning Guide!


I created this guide to help you:

. End the overwhelm of summer camp planning

. Stay organized from start to finish

. Be guided step by step to fulfill your goals

. Create an awesome program for your families

. Meet your budget goals

In my 17 years experience in the child care experience I struggled with planning every summer.


I knew I needed something visual that would help me stay organized so I created this guide.


My intention was never to sell it because it was just my personal solution to end the overwhelm I felt every summer.


After seeing how helpful this guide was for my own business, I knew it could help someone else who needs an organized summer program.  


So, I decided to help other Child Care Professionals because I knew I wasn't the only one who had this planning issue.


That’s why I'm bringing this awesome tool to you.  I want to help other fellow child care professionals achieve success in their summer planning.  


This planning guide has tremendously helped me and I know it will help you too!

Here’s what this guide includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions from start to finish

  • Done-for-you planning sheets to fill in

  • Program activities with templates

  • Budget template to help control your spending goals

  • Instructions to end your program with ease

  • A resources list to get you started with activities

  • Time-saving for you-I already did the research!


If you’re ready to plan your next successful summer camp without stress and overwhelm, this planning guide is for you.


Don't let another summer pass by playing small in your summer camp planning. Play big and be prepared for a successful summer camp!


For an investment of only $47, you will save yourself a lot of time, stress, and overwhelm and deliver a well-planned, fulfilling summer experience for the families you serve.  It’s well worth it!


Click below to get started.



Read what our clients and their children are saying…

“My daughter enjoyed learning and often talked about meeting new friends and she never wanted to miss the field trip activities.  She would always confirm with me that I knew her field trip days so she wouldn’t miss them” -Felicia L.


“My daughter’s favorite activities were the field trips and movie time.  I love that my daughter was active in the summer time.”

Amanda C.