Meals We Serve

We participate in the Federal Nutrition Program which requires that all meals served are healthy and consist of the following components:

1 Grain/Bread, 1 Fruit or Vegetable or Juice, and 1 Milk or
Water. (Fruit will always be served, instead of juice).

2 of 4 Components: 1 Grain/Bread, 1 Fruit or Vegetable or
Juice, 1 Meat/Meat alternative, 1 Milk or Water.

1 Meat/Meat alternative, 1 Grain/Bread, 1 Fruit or Vegetable or Juice,
and 1 Milk or Water.


 The meals we serve contain natural and organic ingredients. 

     We avoid highly processed and sugary foods with artificial colors and ingredients which are known to contribute to behavior problems in children such as ADHD and allergies.

    The fruits and vegetables we serve are purchased locally, so they are always seasonal and freshly prepared daily for higher nutritional content.  We believe it is very important that children be served Real Food to nourish their minds and body which promotes long term health.  

     We are also trained in food and nutrition throughout the year and are aware of the foods which cause some allergies in children and are flexible in providing optional food choices for children with special diet restrictions.  
We avoid foods containing ingredients like High Fructose Corn Syrup and MSG (monosodium glutamate).


     As parents of our own three children we have seen a dramatic change in their health due to the change in better food choices and the elimination of artificial ingredients.

Please let us know if your child has any diet restrictions.