How We Stand Out!

  While many schools have been in the Media for serving unhealthy foods, we choose to serve our students Real Food.  All infants are fed freshly prepared fruits, vegetables, and dinners once they are introduced to foods successfully.  We avoid serving highly processed foods containing artificial ingredients and foods overloaded with preservatives.  Studies have shown that when children are consistently fed foods loaded with artificial color dyes and preservatives, within fifteen minutes after eating such foods they become overactive.  These artificial ingredients have also been linked to signs of ADHD and Childhood Obesity. 

  We believe all kids deserve a chance to learn with a clear mind and healthy body and we do our best to provide that.  After 10 years of studying how foods affect the body, and the positive health benefits we’ve learned to use foods as "medicine" to keep our kids healthy while in our care.  We’ve seen a tremendous change in the health of our School House Family.   We serve our own family foods containing Natural and Organic ingredients and we believe that’s the way everyone should eat.