At School House Daycare we know you'll find value in the benefits you'll receive for your child! Here's      what your child will get:

* Organic Meals- Your child will learn to love healthy food and to make healthy food choices.  Your child will receives quality food daily.  No artificial ingredients and preservatives, no artificial colors, No     MSG, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Organic milk only.  We believe all kids deserve the best start in their learning adventure and it starts with what they put in their bodies.  They're REAL people and we serve them REAL food!  In our research on foods and the ingredients that contribute to allergies and ADHD, we've learned to prepare healthy food choices without those unhealthy ingredients.  

* Individualized Attention- Each child receives one-on-one attention consistently until skills are mastered.

*Kindergarten Readiness- Your 4 year-old will be well-prepared for Kindergarten with the ability to read letter sounds, some sight words, and some Kindergarten Math skills.

* Infants Sign Language- Our Infants get an early start communicating as early as 6 months old, with basic signing language.

* Homemade Baby Food- Each day we prepare Freshly-made infants food for a more nourishing, satisfying meal-time experience.

* Computer Literacy- From Toddlers to Preschool your child will learn the basics of computer use while engaging in the basic academics of Listening skills, Cause and Effect, and Cognitive Skills.

* Time Saved- We can save you time and convenience by assisting your child with homework and preparing for Spelling tests. 

These are just some of the benefits your family receives when you enroll in our program.