About Us

About School House Daycare


School House Daycare provides beneficial eco-friendly child care services to families throughout Joliet, Illinois.


Who We Are


Owned and operated by Theresa Harding and Anthony Harding, School House Daycare is where children are treated like family. Affectionately known as Ms. Terry and Mr. Anthony, the couple uses years of experience in the business management sector to provide a warm and friendly environment for your children. Ms. Terry and Mr. Anthony have three beautiful children aged 12, 15, and 21 years-of-age whom they are proud to call their own.


What We Do


We offer several services and programs to the families that choose us. These include:

  • Infant Program

  • Toddler Care

  • Preschool Program

  • Pre-K Program

  • School-Age Program


Each child at our daycare enjoys organic meals that contain no artificial ingredients, dyes, or high fructose corn syrup. Children at our daycare learn to love good-for-them foods that nourish their growing bodies.


We also take pride in offering individualized attention to each child in our care so that they can increase their skills.


For our infants, we offer handmade baby food and even infant sign language programs to build their ability to communicate with you from an early age.


We offer many other programs and services, but our primary goal is to make sure your child is happy and healthy whenever they are away from you. Our eco-friendly non-toxic toys and cleaning materials guarantee our daycare is always a safe environment.


Why Choose Us?

If you want your children to thrive while they’re at daycare, then choose us. We can do everything from help your child prepare for kindergarten to provide healthy, organic, and fresh foods every day. We’ll save you time and keep your child on the path you wish them to travel. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Our Core Values


Asserting each child to take responsibility for their actions and outcome of their behavior. 



Imparting the importance of being accountable to the choices they make and learn from them.


Inspiring young minds to dream big with an expectation of a desired outcome.


Encouraging their learning abilities without limitations to reach their full potential with acceptance of their individual uniqueness.